Claire's Journal -- 34th Month
January 9
16lbs 13oz

Mom noticed Claire was up early and went in to get her, she was in a good mood and making lots of cooing noises all the way out to the kitchen table, where mom put her in her stroller/chaire and fed her.
Claire ate well and mom let her hang out in the chaire while she went to shower, when mom got out, she heard Claire with her usual cough and went to check on her... after a moment, Claire just threw up... and up, and up... her breakfast. Mom set her on the (wood) floor on her side in case there was more where that came from and worked on cleaning her chaire. Dad came home and said, 'you know there's a baby on the floor'... mom smiled and explained. Dad changed her clothes while mom finished cleaning and got the two of them packed up for the day. Claire was going to daycare, then to the dr's for her flu shot, then to PT and back to daycare for the remainder of the day.
Mom left work for lunch and took Claire to the dr. She got her shot which was surprisingly quick, tho Claire would not say painless. Then mom asked if the dr could also see her, and he was so kind to pop in. He listened to her lungs and said they were surpisingly the clearest he'd ever heard! Mom was so pleased. She weighed in at 16lbs 13oz... not too bad... but mom always shoots for that elusive next lb marker. So aside from the flu shot, she got a 'well baby' check up and everyone was happy... even dad who showed up midway through the appt. He came to get Claire for her PT so mom could get back to work.

January 8

Claire was up early and off to mass after a full meal and warm bath. She had her new duds on that her mom bought for her and was really stylin'! During mass she slept the entire time, her aunt held her for a while too, so she was very comfy, but sweaty... it was kinda warm in church. The family went to look at some furniture afterwards and picked up lunch and went to eat with one of dad's friends. Afterwards, mom hung out with the kids and watched some playoffs (NFL) and Claire ate every chance she got. Dad ran some errands and worked on the house a bit. A nice lazy Sunday at Claire's home.

January 7

Claire ate well in the morning and mom packed up the leftovers for her 9am breakfast at school. Claire had a good day at daycare. Tho the daily report said she only had 2oz, mom is certain that it wasn't all marked properly. Tonight the family is having friends over. Mom will need to clean up early so they will have a place to sit. ;o)

January 5

Claire had her RSV shot today. She got two and the nurse did them one after another. Claire cried for a very long time. Her family support coordinator from Children's Home Society was on the phone with mom shortly after and for about 2 minutes could only talk about how loud Claire was and how she'd never heard her cry, much less that loud and strong. Claire was very very unhappy with her mom.
The CHS coord also asked mom if she would write a brief article for the CHS newsletter. Mom agreed and would make some time to do it, as the article is due tomorrow at noon.

January 4

Claire had PT today and got word that her stander had been approved! Yeah!! Claire is getting a stander... she will learn to put weight on her legs and they will get stonger and who knows what she will be capapble of after that!!! (Mom has really big ideas!!).

January 3

Mom and Claire were up early and getting ready to get out the door. Claire ate pretty well, probably 4-5 oz of cereal. Mom was pleased and Claire would still get breakfast later at 9am at school.

January 2

Claire hung out most of the day in her stroller. She watched a lot of football and didn't seem like she wanted too much to eat, but mom kept feeding her anyway, not a banner day eating-wise. Tonight mom pulled up an email that Claire's friend, Tierney, is doing poorly and mom is asking everyone to offer up a prayer for her. She has the flu and a secondary pneum. Mom is hoping Tierney will pull through. Tierney is a T18 child just like Claire, only 2 months younger, but she lookes JUST like Claire.
Mom got an email late in the evening saying Tierney is looking better and smiling. Mom was very relieved.
Claire has developed an rash on her bottom, guess it is a little better than her face, and mom is treating it with ointment. She thinks it could be from the antibiotic Claire's been on for the past two weeks. Mom just discontinued it last night, tho there is some left. It was great having her on it while visiting family, but mom doesn't want to mess with too much of a good thing... and two weeks was good. She needs to call tomorrow to double check if Claire had her flu shot yet.

Snoozin in the stroller --  need new toys   Aunt Jacki and Claire bonding time
January 1

The family headed back home today. The drive seemed a little longer than usual, perhaps it was that school would be starting soon, along with the daily routines the family had been away from for nearly 2 weeks. Once home, it was late and mom and dad put the kids straight to bed and cleaned up a bit before going to bed close to 2am.

December 30

Claire had a nice day. She hung out and slept while the family took her shopping. Later in the day, she went for a ride in her stoller up to the store to buy an exercise ball. When she got home, she bounced and stretched and worked a bit on her standing (until her mom's arm got tired).t 3oz, then decided she had enough and zonked out in mom's arms after fighting sleep. Mom went back to bed by 5am and was more than exhausted in the morning. That is why God created coffee.
Dad got Claire up while mom was getting ready and running late, and off to school mom took Claire.

December 25
  Claire slept in while her brother and sister got up early to open gifts. After a while, mom woke her to eat and get lost in all the wrapping paper. She got some great toys and even some cute clothes, including her first princess shirt and her first pair of blue jeans. Mom had to wash the clothes, but she didn't notice, there was so much else to see and do. In the evening, the family settled into a big turkey dinner and lounged around eating pie afterwards.


Family visiting friendsthe cousins

December 24

Claire had a terrific Chrismtas. Mom woke her up to get ready to go visit family. She put on a cute dress and was off. She visited her uncle and his family including her 2 cousins, one she had never met, and was sleeping much of the time. Mom had one more gift to buy, so she went out with Claire's uncle to get the gift and got back just in time to go back to get dressed for Christmas Eve mass. The family got to mass early to get a seat, and there wa hardly anyone there, so they had plenty of room. Yeah. In the evening, they went back to see dad's family. They ate ribs and meatballs and open gifts. Later they all got in the car and drove up to Grandma and Grandpa's house and off to bed before Santa comes.

December 11
33 months