Thank you everyone for your wonderful thoughts and prayers!
Claire's Journal -- Month 48

March 10


Happy Birthday Claire!Claire had a wonderful day with family around her, getting ready for her Big Birthday Bash.
Dad happened to have a wedding to sing at, but was able to join the fun later in the evening.
Everyone that could be here, was, and the family was so happy to have this joyous event to celebrate.
Claire stayed up especially late (for her) and not even looking tired, until the last guest left. Mom topped her off with another helping of food, to be sure she was full, and off to bed she went.
Her aunt figured Claire wanted to live it up since it was her last night being 3 years old. Mom set up the guestbook towards the end of the evening so some folks could sign in.

March 9


Claire had a nice morning today. She was up and at daycare and so full of smiles mom could hardly let her go. In anticipation of her Birthday on Sunday, mom set up a guestbook so her family and friends could send birthday wishes.

March 8


When mom picked Claire up from daycare, she was told that Claire held her spoon for nearly 3 minutes! Mom flipped (as moms do) and was so excited. Go Big Grrl!!

March 7


Claire PT today and was taped back up (on her back) with the kenesio tape. Mom isn't giving up on that yet. It took a while to get her back a little straighter, and that tended to wear out the therapist as Claire was a ball of energy today. She typically cooperates and loves her therapy, today she didn't cooperate, but was still full of smiles. As if she discovered that she can go against the grain, and have fun doing it. It was a workout for both Claire AND the therapist today. Mom realized that there was much stretching to do for Claire, not just working on sitting and standing. whew.

March 5


Claire had a nice morning today. She was up and at daycare. Unfortunately, she didn' thav her OT today, so she was probably saddened by that.

March 4


Mom arrived home from her trip today around 4pm and greeted very warmly. Claire was asleep and didn't seem to have any plans to wake up just for mom, but mom was busy cuddling with Claire's big sister and getting some much enjoyed hugs from her big brother.
When Claire woke up, mom talked to her a little while before picking her up. Mom really wanted her to raise her hands as if to mean 'up' to be held. At one point, her arm went up into the air towards mom, and mom didn't even hesitate to pick her up and give her a lot of love... hugs and kisses... mom missed Claire like she missed everyone. It was fun going and it was good coming home too.

March 2, 2007


Claire is still home with dad. Dad called the drs office every day this week since the culture was taken and no results. Finally, at the end of the workday, Dad called once more and the results were in. NO staph. Dad wasn't happy... he WAS happy she was fine, but that the drs office didn't call and that the simple test seemed to take a very long time... that was the part he wasn't happy about. Mom felt bad, not being there to help dad out with Claire, but she is a really good baby. She ate really well and her rash didn't bother her at all, so it wasn't so awful for dad... he probably would have just liked to have her in daycare and healthy, so he could get some work done... that's all. Routines are a good thing, esp when you are an acting single parent.

February 27


Claire went to school and mom was told to get a dr note. The dr office said they would fax something but around 2pm, mom got a call from the school. She called the dr and he said he wasn't going to write a note until the culture came back and that she shouldn't have gone to school. But mom didn't know that. So off to Claire's school around 3pm to get her and await the results.
Mom is leaving tonight to go on a trip with her sisters. It appears that without the note (hopefully the results will be in tomorrow early) the Peanut cannot go back to school. Mom will be out of town, that leaves dad to watch Claire during the day until the results are in.

February 26


Claire was up and out the door as her usual Mondays go. She had OT this morning. Around 2pm, mom was called out of a meeting. The school called to say Claire needed to be picked up immediately and taken to the dr. The nurse told mom that her hand was swollen and red and it was going up her arm. Looked like staph. Mom jumped... called the dr, got a 3:30pm appt for Claire and decided if it was as bad as they said, she may just take her straight to ER.
Mom got to the school and it looked like a rash that came from Claire having her hand in her mouth too much. Almost like thrush, but there was none in her mouth. Off to the dr. He took a culture and sent it off. Meanwhile, mom went home and put some gentian violet on it (what she would use to treat thrush) only to have Claire figure out a way when mom wasn't looking and get her thumb in her mouth and her fingers wrapped around her nose. Needless to say, she was purple for about a day. Claire slept well and didn't seem to be minding the arm thing. Dr said it wasn't swollen or infected (since it wasn't hot to touch, etc).

February 24


Claire has had a rather mellow Saturday. She was up early and mom fed her, then she zonked back to sleep, then up again to rush with her mom to get her big sister off to GS Camp, then back home for more food and back to sleep. The windows are open today and the weather is cool and dry... Mom cleaned her car out and Dad took big brother to a basketball game. Everyone is enjoying the weather... inside and out.

February 23


Claire went to school and had her PT there. The therapist said she was already in her gait trainer when she got there, so she worked on sitting and other things. Mom took the day off and caught up on some much needed rest. Work this week wore her down.

February 21


Claire was up early and out the door for her ashes on Ash Wednesday. Hopefully this year she won't be giving up sleep for let... but rather working to improve her intake and eat like a 4 year old should. Even if she isn't quite 4 yet. Mom and dad are planning a big party for her again... anyone who wants to come will need to call/email for details. Claire went off to school today, and mom to work, tho it is usually mom's Claire day and she works at home. Mom had a deadline today at work and has a big meeting tomorrow, so she will be kept busy today. Claire will be kept busy today too, just at school.

February 19


Claire was still sleeping when mom left her this morning. The kids were out of school for President's day and dad stayed home with them. Mom's called to check on them, and all seems well... of course.

February 18


Claire had a nice relaxing Sunday. She drank about 5oz of soy milk, then off to church. She didn't sleep during mass as she usually does, probably cause mom ran out of time and Claire didn't get her bath. After mass, she ate and went to sleep for a good long while. The kids took a nap as well as they were up late the night before at a friends' home. Mom finally woke Claire late in the day for another meal and friends came over for dinner, so there was much to entertain the peanut. Mom was proud, she posted Claire's pix of her in her gait trainer on the refridgerator.

February 16


Gait TrainerClaire had a nice morning and mom even got her to school an hour early. She was very proud of her mom, but fell asleep shortly after arriving. It was just tooo early for Claire to be out of bed.
Mom spoke to Claire's teacher around 1pm, just after PT had visited, and OT suggested previously that they try Claire in a gait trainer. This way she could use some of her weight bearing skills to stand with help and maybe move around. They tried it. Claires' teacher told mom that this all went very well and Claire had a huge smile on her face. Of course, mom needed to know that pix were taken and assured that they were. Mom will share them when she gets them. <pride>
Claire had a nice night. Dad's band was playing and Claire got a babysitter to watch her and her sibs. Mom was really lucky to get such a great person to watch them... so she could go watch dad. It was suppose to get into the teens (like 18 degrees) tonight, but mom wasn't too sure that was the case. But anything under 70 is just too cold anyway. She was happy that the place dad was singing had the place tented with heaters. She didn't even need her jacket (and mom always needs a jacket!). So it was very comfortable. The sitter said Claire didn't eat well, but mom was okay with that, she's entitled to not eat great every time. Mom is posting a pix of Claire standing tall in her gait trainer!

February 15


Claire was up at 2 or 3am (mom didn't pay too much attention to the clock) and fussing. She went in and moved her around a bit and Claire settled in. Dad had left her arm brace on her arm (a very soft brace that to keep her from putting her thumb in her mouth) so mom gave her thumb back to her by taking off the brace... and a bit of mylacon it case it was gas that she was fussing about... it was probably more of a cry than a fuss, so mom thought it could be gas. Within minutes, everyone was back asleep.
Claire had a bath this morning as mom was slacking off last night. She fell asleep on the way to school and mom just put her in the crib when she got there, her teacher took off her jacket and Claire just rolled over and went back to sleep. Baths have that affect on her. Her OT mentioned she wouldn't be able to work with Claire this morning, and her teacher told her that she was sleeping anyway. The teachers will need to feed her when she wakes up.

February 14


Claire was up crying around midnight. Dad was up and got her and gave her mylacon for gas and she settled down soon afterwards.
Claire had quite a busy day today. Mom took her to her big sister's school for her Valentine's Day party, then off to Claire's school for her own party. After that, they met dad for lunch, since mom opted out of a Val day dinner. Claire had PT and did well. Mom was a bit surprised that she stayed awake for the whole thing as she hadn't napped all day. Mom was pretty exhausted by the end of the day. She asked Claire's dad to give Claire her meds in the evening as she felt she needed to go to bed. Claire was fed and changed and all ready for bed, so he wouldn't be required to do much.

February 11


The boys were up fairly early and everyone had a big pancake breakfast and then off to church. Claire enjoyed talking during the first part of mass, then off to sleep for the ending and the socializing in the hall afterwards. The boys were of course on their best behavior in mass. Claire's uncle aske if dad brought the basketball team to church, mom said, 'No, just a sleep over for the big birthday'...
After church everyone had a relaxing day.