Thank you everyone for your wonderful thoughts and prayers!
Claire's Journal -- Month 45

December 6, 2006


Claire HAD A banner day at therapy today!
It was such a good day that mom decided to increase the visits, even tho they are private pay (insurance won't cover them). Her banner day included her therapist holding her at the hips and mom holding her hands over Claire's head, and Claire standing... and trying to shift her weight and work on her trunk muscles to stay up. The therapist freaked out, so mom freaked out and nearly started crying. (mom tends to cry a lot these days - thankfully more happy times than sad, knock on wood). It was soo cool, and convinced the therapist that Claire has so much more room to grow and learn and muscles to develop!! Mom is so proud too!



Warren and Molly with ClaireThe family found out shortly before Thanksgiving that a dear friend of the family passed away. This happened not too long after his wife also passed away. It is so sad looking back and thinking he's gone, and yet there are happy memories of how proud he was of Claire and all she's accomplished during her short life. He said he often spoke to his church clergy about her and often printed her website and kept it in a book. He was a POW in WWII and had stories to tell of being close to the friendly border, yet being captured and held. A man who will surely be missed by many.
Clairehad a nice Thanksgiving. She ate mashed potatoesand gravy, applesauce and sweet potatoes for her bigmeal. She had a little runny stool afterwards, but shedid gulp it all down. The family enjoyed the time togetherwith Grandma and Grandpa and mom's sibs. Even got somefun pix taken together... the kids with the cousins too!
Claire is doing well. Mom held her little arm and noticedthey were getting a little pudgier than they used tobe. Those mashed potatoes are really agreeing with her!
Life is good and the family is really looking forwardto Christmas!