Seventh Month
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October 10   Mom woke Claire up at 7am for her breakfast, and so she could be swept off to daycare. She drank 3 1/2oz of formula/cereal mix in 30 minutes. She was a hungry peanut. Mom is pretty fired up about putting her back on the ready-made formula and having her do so well!
Claire had a weigh in in the afternoon and lost one oz (now 6lbs 15oz). Mom was thinking she had gained a lot of oz after losing even more, so only one oz net loss probably isn't so bad, considering how much she had to have gained. Her ped thought she had congestion, but after listening, realized she was clear, just had 'that sound' like she was. Overall clean bill of health, which meant shots... she got two more. Her next visit at 9 months (not counting weigh ins we moved to every 3 weeks) she should be all caught up in her shots and starting treatment for RSV soon too.

October 9


Claire was up at midnight, sleeping only a couple of hours. Mom gave her another oz or two while watching tv, and Claire finally dosed off around 2am. She slept until 9am, and Dad gave her her meds and started feeding her. Mom took over, trying to get her to eat more... and she drank about 1 1/2oz before wanting to go back to sleep.
Mom put her in her swing where she played with red dog for a bit before her morning nap. Mom moved her to her carseat, and Claire kept sleeping all the way to daycare.
She drank 4 oz at daycare and had a good day. Then she came home and had another 3, and later in the evening dad watched her and she had 5 oz between 8pm and 1am. Dad was staying up late anyway as he had friends coming into town from south Florida, and weren't expected until 2am, and the Red Sox were on tv too. Mom went to bed at 8pm and slept through the night. With all of Claire's fussing last night, mom is thinking it is the formula. Claire did so wonderfully well in the hospital drinking... and that was all ready-made formula... and at home, sometimes she is just a picky eater... yesterday mom used powder mix formula, instead of ready made... Claire didn't do as well drinking and fussed so much, so mom has her back on ready-made today to see how she does. They have to be made up of different ingredients... afterall, one is a powder that is only good for 3 days refrigerated, and the other is pre-made and is good in an unopened bottle at room temp for a months or years... and I think Claire really knows the difference... either that, or her folks just don't make it like the company does. Dad is hoping it is just as simple as putting her on ready-made to easy her fussiness and have her sleep through the night (or at least longer than 2 hours at a time).

October 8


Claire was not a happy camper last night. She was pitifully whimpering all night... hands in mouth. Dad was up with her until 2am, and mom got up to relieve him then and fed her a little more, she wasn't too big on eating, so mom thought it was teething. Mom held her and kissed her and rubbed her back. Gave her Motrin, rubbed Anbesol on her gums, and gave her some Mylacon (in case it was gas), and nothing seemed to soothe her... finally Claire fell asleep on mom's chest, and after a while (maybe an hour, maybe 5 minutes) of mom falling asleep too, mom put Claire in her own bed and went back to hers, only to hear the alarm go off (it was 6:30am) and evidently it had been going for about 45 minutes and dad heard nothing... mom woke him up. He gave Claire her meds and got Claire ready for daycare and took her to daycare for mom.... who was quite exhausted. There is a lot to be said for being able to sleep for a few hours and be revived for the rest of the day... even more to be said for a good cup of vanilla nut coffee with sugar and 1/2 and 1/2 creamer (and be revived for the rest of the day)!
During the wee morning hours, Claire had about 3oz of cereal/formula mix. This journal seems to be about mom and dad not getting sleep, more than about Claire... what is up with that! Mom says we are going back to regular baby bath soap tonight!
Claire had 3oz at her daycare, not too much at all, and was continually fussing all evening.
Mom has some lavender baby soap, so she tried that - it states that it is for fussy babies, so time will tell. She had her bath, took her meds, had some decongestant, Mylacon for gas, and Motrin for her fussiness and general aches... mom is still dumbfounded as to what her problem is... even had a small bowel movement, so that isn't it.
Claire's uncle came to visit with his family, they brought pizza and we printed off some pix for my niece.... she is lots of fun and had a great time playing with the kids. Claire's aunt watched Claire, and tried to calm her, taking her outside (which worked fine when they were outside, but the mosquitoes were a bit too abundant). She finally rubbed her back until Claire fell asleep on the couch (waking up shortly after they left).
Mom fed Claire around 9pm and she ate really well... 3oz in about 30 minutes... then falling asleep on mom's chest and finally going to bed around 10pm.

October 7
30 Weeks


Claire was an absolute dream today. She didn't wake up until her mom woke her, around 7am, and she drank 3oz. She was a hungry little peanut. You would think mom finally got a good night's rest, and you would be partly correct, but she was up checking on Claire every few hours, since everyone knows it isn't like her to sleep for over 8 hours in a row. Mom decided they all needed some rest, so didn't wake her in the night for a feeding. She did so well yesterday anyway, mom figured she would make up for her long slumber today.
Claire had a banner day at daycare, she was there for nearly 7 hours and drank 7oz of cereal/formula mix.
The audiologist scheduled an appt for Claire to be tested again. The Aud assured mom that they have new tape, AND new equipment, so she can test both of Claire's ears at the same time (last appt was 2+ hours because the tape wouldn't stick, and they only tested one ear - her right - to find that a conversation level was Claire's highest level of hearing in her right ear-- in other words, conversation level sounds like a whisper to her).
In the evening at home, she had another 4oz and drank it rather quickly as mom worked on dad's computer, fixing a worm it was running, and trying to get some work done too.
Claire had a nice warm bath, mom decided to use a new baby soap, Johnson's vapor bath... smells like Vick's Vapo Rub... probably has the same affect. Claire fussed all through her bath, so mom decided to save that soap for a night when Claire has a cold. This was the beginning of an all night fuss... mom rocked her for a while and fed her another oz, and Claire dozed off until mom put her down, then she was up again... finally mom decided Claire was tired enough, she could possibly get herself to sleep, since she was just awake and not really fussing... and she was full enough, and should have been tired enough (perhaps overtired)... mom was wrong... Dad took over around 11:30pm. Claire was not sleeping.
She had about 15 oz of cereal/formula mix for the day.

October 6


Claire was up during the night as usual, not giving her mom and dad much sleep. Her dad took her to daycare rather early in the morning and she was there for most of the day. She drank about 5 oz of cereal formula mix and came home to a nice bath, more cereal formula mix and in bed by 11pm. She had about 11oz of mix for the day.

October 3-5


Claire went to visit Grandma this weekend. They had a terrific time visiting each other and Grandma spent every second she could holding Claire... she has always spoiled her grandbabies that way.
It was Grandma's birthday on Saturday, so she got to go out to eat with everyone, and Claire hung out in her sling with mom until Gma was done eating. She gave her Gma a big pix of herself too for her birthday, and a small wallet with Claire pix to show off to her friends.
Grandma had a terrific weekend, but exhausting for everyone. Grandma had several friends who came over to visit and hold Claire. Also Claire's aunts passed her around a lot. She had lots of attention and loved sleeping on her aunts' chests. It was pretty much decided that the peanut needed a haircut, so mom will have to get an appointment for that.
Claire didn't sleep too well during the night, on Sunday morning, she woke up at 2am, and didn't go back to sleep until seconds before leaving for church. At church, Claire's reputation preceeded her, and everyone seemed to know her story. The few that asked how old she was, well, mom let grandma field those questions when they wanted to know if she was a preemie. It gets old for mom to answer the same curious questions constantly, but she will continue to do so, as people are curious and concerned, not usually nosey or unkind... and there is always advice that follows, but mom knows that comes with any baby.
She did sleep for most of the car trip home, so mom slept too.
Claire averaged about 10oz per day of cereal/formula mix.

October 2


Claire was up at 1am, and mom was wondering why she was up so soon and so often. She tried to keep Claire from fussing, thinking she wasn't hungry, and thinking she shouldn't be feeding her every hour 1/2, but if Claire didn't get food, and get it soon, someone was going to lose an arm. So mom fixed her another cereal bottle and Claire downed 2 1/2oz, and back to bed until morning. Mom was happy to get up with her to see her drink so well.
Dad got her at 5am and fed her another 2oz of cereal milk and took her to daycare.
Mom got her at lunchtime for her 6 month photo shoot. The pix came out very well and will be posted next week when they become available online. She didn't drink much during the photo session, but had 2oz and a short nap prior to it. Claire had 6oz before noon, and another 4 at daycare. Then more in the evening. She really likes her cereal, and the big opening on the bottle so she can really guzzle it down!

October 1  

Mom fed Claire another 3 oz, tho very slowly (about 3 hours) and bathed her and rocked her until 3:30am, then they both drifted off to sleep until morning. Then up, for daycare and work. Claire drank another 2oz, then the nurse called and said it would be fine to start Claire on cereal. So mom mixed up some Pedialyte and cereal in Claire's cleft palate bottle (it has the cross cut opening for her to get more). She used Pedialyte because she wanted the calories without all the milk 'gunk' forming in Claire's mouth (still happens, but we know how to get rid of it now). Unfortunately, Claire fell asleep before mom could feed her, so the cereal mixture was taken to daycare to see how Claire would do there with her cereal. Mom is excited to add more calories to Claire's diet, as cereal has more than formula (formula is 20-22cal/oz, rice cereal is about 30cal/oz). Let's hope Claire likes it!
Claire drank an oz of cereal formula and 3+oz of formula at daycare. She got home from daycare for her EI appt, and it wore her out, so she fell asleep on the quilt on the floor for about 2 hours - and mom took pictures (of course), and a nap. Then, Claire woke up to drink some Pedialyte/cereal mixture, she drank one oz of that. It was difficult getting it out of the haberman, so mom switched to a haberman nipple that was torn slightly. She couldn't use it for formula, it came out too quickly, but it worked very well for the cereal. Claire drank another 2oz before bedtime and as mom layed her down to play, so mom could get her bath ready, Claire fell asleep. It was about 8pm, so mom decided to put Claire to be for the night. All that cereal made Claire a tired bear.
She woke up at 11:30, mom fed her another 3oz of cereal milk and Claire went back to bed. - She had about 15 oz of food today, some formula, some formula/cereal mixed together, some Pedialyte/cereal mixed together. Mom is very proud that Claire seems to be getting back to her old self. No gunk after she started the cereal mixture too!

September 30
29 weeks


Claire was up at 12:30am. Mom didn't get her nap, and dad got up with Claire for a bit, then mom did... she was up until 3:30am and drank some, but mostly just wanted the bottle in her mouth. She had 2oz. Then she was up again at 5:30 and dad got up with her again. She had another 2 oz as she dozed in and out and then went to daycare around 11am. She has come down with a nasty little cough... really loose, and it certainly annoys her. Mom gave her a tiny bit of cough medicine to help her rest better.
It is getting chilly outside, so she was bundled up well for the ride over to daycare, even wore her newborn hat. Mom teased Claire that she was in her Halloween costume dressed as a newborn. Claire didn't care for that sort of teasing at all, she is a bit sensitive about her size and wrinkled up her forehead.
Claire didn't drink well today at her daycare, only a couple oz, so mom called the ped again (they must keep her file by the phone now) and asked if Claire could start with rice cereal. Typically babies start cereal at 4 months old. They discussed it back at her 4 month appt, but decided not to start yet. The nurse will call back in the morning to let us know.
Claire was in bed at 7:30, and back up again soon after and her daddy tried to feed her. She had another couple oz and mom woke from her 8:30pm nap at 11:30pm and took over the feeding. About 8oz of formula today... mom's working on getting those numbers up.

September 29


Claire had a really good time last night.... er... this morning.
Of course she stayed awake until 3am - and drank another 3oz since midnight, but mom once again had a nap and was ready for her. Claire had a blast... mom put her in her bassinet and she didn't fuss, just started hitting at her cup (that funnels the flow of oxygen) and so mom decided to move the cup. She replaced it with a small bear, and Claire batted the bear around a bit... then mom took away the bear and replaced it with a small bright pink bunny... she batted that around for a while too... talking the whole time to the bunny... she wanted to grab that bunny, but her hands just wouldn't do that. I guess we need to get the EI out at 2am... or get the video camera out for her to see Claire playing with her toys. Mom was mesmerized watching Claire play, and very proud... proud that she was feeling so good, and proud that she was working her arms and hands... and proud that mom was able to enjoy the moment, thanks to her nap earlier.
She woke back up again at 5am, mom thinks it was just to see how fast she would come running in to see her, since once she got there, put a bottle in Claire's mouth, Claire went back to sleep.
Claire woke again at 9am and was hungry. She drank 2oz of formula and been gag-free and Pedialyte-free since yesterday! Her daddy took her to daycare by 11am.
Mom talked with Claire's ped nurse and told them about the Coca-Cola yesterday. They were tickled that Claire found something to help keep from gagging, get her eating back on track and remove her 'gunk' from her throat. They also said if she needed it again, it would be fine to give her - esp in such tiny doses. :o)
Claire totaled about 9oz of formula and another 3oz of Pedialyte... mom wanted to still give her some for her congestion. She went to bed at 9pm.

September 28


Claire had a pretty disappointing morning. Mom made formula and Claire drank one oz, only to throw it up -- with a lot of flem. Claire gets this 'gunk' in her mouth and has a hard time keeping from gagging on anything but Pedialyte. Mom was getting a bit upset that her little peanut seemed destined to be on Pedialyte for a long time - until she got over this congestion in her throat. Claire had Pedialyte all morning until mom decided to go with something that she read about on the trisomy board. Evidently, a lot of trisomy babies get this 'gunk' in their mouths... it is like flem, and keeps them from keeping food down. Some moms have given the children tiny little amounts Coca-Cola - like the acidity cut the 'gunk'.
It was a tough decision for mom... she knows the evils of soda and hates the idea of giving it to her infant... but mom weighed the pros and cons... she decided that something had to get rid of the 'gunk' and that a tiny bit of soda wouldn't hurt anything, just a lot of sugar and the amount Claire would get would be so nominal, but the pros, well, if she was able to get back on her formula, that would be so terrific - and since other mom's swear by it, why not use their experience?! Mom rationalized it was for medicinal purposes and thought it couldn't hurt, it was sweet like her other meds, so it isn't like she would get addicted to the sugar any more than the other meds... but if it helped, well, it would be certainly worthwhile as mom was at her wits-end trying to figure out how in the world to get nutrition in her little peanut who has been on Pedialyte for the last 2 days. Mom was willing to try anything. Late in the day, mom decided to get Claire's dropper for her decongestant... and use it to drop 1/4t Coca-Cola (same measure used for her decongestant) into Claire's mouth. A real moment of truth... needless to say Claire loved it (just like her daddy) and the little mouth rooted like a baby bird asking for more. Mom said 'I don't think so Little Missy'. And gave Claire one oz of ready-made Isomil Advanced. Claire drank it happily and mom waited... and she waited... and she layed Claire down for a few more minutes and waited... and Claire wanted more... after 2 hours and 4 oz of formula fed very slowly, mom decided that the soda was a success and is adding it to her list of Claire-fixes. Mom would gladly trade 1/4t of soda for Claire getting back on track with her nutrition - and having 4oz of formula! Though mom still feels bad for giving her baby Coca-Cola - even in such a tiny dose. Grandma said, 'won't it keep her up all night' and mom said, 'well, she is already staying up until 3am!'.... Claire had 6oz of formula in the evening... the most she's had in days... and 4oz of Pedialyte today. Dad watched Claire while mom took a nap from 9pm-1am... then he went to bed and mom took over.

September 27


Mom woke Claire up at 2am to get another oz in her and Claire held it down really well. At 6am, Dad got up with Claire and they finished the bottle with another 2oz. When mom got up at 10am, Claire had another 1 1/2oz, and holding it all in. She is getting her meds late today.
Here is a picture of Claire on a quilt that one of the Trisomy 18 moms had made for her. Baby Lily's mom made it. Baby Lily had passed away before she was born on June 3, 2003 - she touched so many lives with her presence. Her mom is so wonderful and thoughtful, and has been making quilts for other Trisomy 18 babies and their families. Thank you so much Maggie. The quilt came to the house when Claire was in the hospital (shortly after Labor Day) and Claire's daddy brought it to the hospital for her to have there. It really cheered the room up, as you can see by the beautiful colors. Mom took this picture today.
Mom thinks the NeoSure yesterday may have caused Claire's tummy to get upset. The Pedialyte stayed will with her, she just doesn't seem to have the energy to drink much. Dad cranked up the air conditioning for Claire, so that will bring her back to her old self soon, along with getting more food in her tummy. Mom also decided to go back to Isomil Advanced, Claire's milk she drank so well in the hospital, and even spoil her with the premade bottles, so the right concentrations are there.... just like in the hospital.
The little peanut woke up at noon... she finished 3 oz. Once she drinks one more oz of Pedialyte, mom will start in with the 'hard stuff' (formula that is)... just waiting for some nice full diapers first. Claire went back to sleep and mom put her in her bassinet so she could enjoy some nice oxygen, and rest well for her next bottle.
Dad gave her more hi-cal formula in the evening, one oz, and she immediately threw it up. So back to the Pedialyte. :o\

September 26


Claire decided once again to enjoy the nightlife. She was only up until 2am. But mom was smart and asked Dad to watch her at 9:30pm for a couple hours (while mom 'napped'). At midnight, dad went to bed and mom played with Claire.
She was fussing the whole time dad had her, and wouldn't eat but a tiny bit. Mom made her a fresh, warm bottle and she drank about 1 1/2oz before finally settling down. Mom put her down on the bed and Claire layed there, eyes wide open, just content for about 30 minutes as mom shut her eyes for a bit. Around 1:30am, mom heard Claire fussing again, opened her eyes and the little darling had her arms (actually just one arm) stretched out towards mom... almost touching mom's nose... the look in her eyes was, 'please hold me', so mom picked her up and put Claire on her chest. Within a minute, Claire was snoring... fast asleep. Around 2am, mom put her back on the bed and went to sleep herself. Claire slept until 9am... mom let her sleep in, the poor dear was exhausted from not sleeping well the past couple days... She had an oz or 2 then went to daycare so mom could get to work.
At daycare, she drank 3 1/2oz, and her caregiver said it was about 3 1/2oz that she threw up. Mom worked on getting more food in her, but only a very little amount at a time, so she could hold it down and get her meds. She did well holding down 2oz, and then the meds... well... they are pretty sweet, and tend to bring it all back up. At around 10pm, mom decided to go to Pedialyte only for the entire night. Claire likes the unflavored 'flavor' and drank 1oz by midnight. She was just so tired from no food in her tummy and wanted to just sleep. Mom let her go to sleep around 11:30pm and they all got a little rest.

September 25

  Claire was up until 4am... she was so incredibly ticked off all night. Mom and dad tried everything to calm her down. Even thought she was having a bout with constipation, so mom took her temp (rectally) at 3am, and it was 101.4! They thought she was hot from crying. So the poor dear got some Tylenol, mom kept a wet compress on her tiny forehead and Claire Bear finally drifted off to sleep around 4am. That is when mom and dad went to sleep as well. Perhaps they are getting used to the odd sleep cycle... mom pretty much decided she can sleep anywhere at anytime. That's just what moms do!
Claire has been fussy all morning and not drinking a lot, just what mom squirts in. She's had about 3oz pedialyte and about 2oz formula by noon today. Mom made an appt with the dr so they could look at Claire's mouth. Between the fussiness, the lack of drinking (not wanting the bottle in her mouth at all) and the fever, mom thinks they need to pull in the 'big guns'!
Claire's appt was not productive... well... that would depend on your perspective, anyway. Claire was looked over and it was decided that her mouth looked fine, and overall she looked good... not weak or tired. So she had some bloodwork done, and the nurse called mom and dad later to say that everything came back just fine. They tested Claire for levels affected by her meds... and they were fine... and her cell counts were fine -- so she wasn't necessarily fighting anything. Mom and the nurse were puzzled that she had a high fever the night before, and her tests looked like a healthy baby. So they chalked it up to a 'virus', and decided not to worry anymore. Having tests, even when they come back as nothing is wrong, still tell alot... and mom was happy that she wasn't fighting anything (well, other than sleep)... but again... still puzzled. Guess she will have to wait and see what the evening brings.
Claire also received news that one of her Trisomy 18 friends, Gina Prayer, in Bangkok, just passed away last night - on her 4 month birthday. Mom kept in touch with her mommy and Gina was doing so incredibly well, but suddenly and peacefully, as her mommy was holding her, Gina passed away. We will all miss Gina Prayer, she touched so many lives, including ours! <snif>

September 24

  Claire was up at 1am, and her daddy gave her some formula and let mom sleep. She didn't drink much at all, and was again at 6am drinking pretty well.
She didn't want to eat much today, and fussed a lot. She also wouldn't sleep during the day. She didn't have a fever last night, but during the evening tonight, she went up to 100 while the Hospice ladies were visiting. Mom was able to get her drink 5+ oz of pedialyte and about 9oz of formula. Some came back up tho, so the actual count is still uncertain. Claire has fussed and even cried all evening. She doesn't want the bottle in her mouth. Mom kept thinking it was teeth, and still could be, but Claire is so hungry, and won't suck on the bottle, so mom and dad have been squirting it into her mouth. Adding Tylenol and decongestant for fever, pain and thinking that congestion is why she can't drink well, mom thought it wouldn't hurt to give her a decon.

September 23
28 weeks


Claire was up around midnight, and fortunately for mom, dad was up too. He took Claire and fed her - about an oz - and she drifted off to sleep again. She has been sleeping a lot lately.
She was up again at 5:30am, about 10 minutes before the morning alarm went off, and mom had a pretty good night sleep, so getting out of bed wasn't as tiring. Claire had 3oz of formula and drifted off to sleep again around 7am. By 4pm, she finished off 5oz of Pedialyte and another oz of formula before drifting back to sleep.... and snoring in her usual, sweet, way.
Mom kept her home again today, as her caregiver said all the babies there had runny noses, and Claire is still quite congested and in need of some one on one attention to keep the formula and Pedialyte flowin'.

September 22


Claire has developed a mild cold. Last night she was up at 3am, and didn't rest well at all after that. She slept in her carseat last night, and recieved a dose of decongestant every 6 hours - so she can stay clear and breathe through her meals. Mom has been trying to get the pedialyte in her, but will little success. Claire has been through this before, and came out fine, so mom isn't going to worry too much.
Claire is going to be staying home today, while she gets lots of rest, attention and lovin'.
She finished her 5oz bottle of Pedialyte and had another 2oz of formula before drifting off to sleep around 9pm

September 21


Claire has a very runny nose. She was up all night, sleeping in 1/2 hour increments, waking up with one scream, and continue with a fuss until she is calmed down and would go back to sleep. Mom opted to stay home with her, as she appears to be getting a cold, while dad took the kids to church.
She isn't drinking much, today she had maybe 7 oz total. Mom switched to Pedialyte in the evening as her congestion seemed to get worse and her mouth seems to have a lot of flem. She threw up in the evening, mostly flem, and had a fever at 100, so mom thinks the pedialyte will be her main staple for a little longer.
Friends cameover for dinner, that was nice and relaxing for the most part. The have a child and we have 3, so perhaps relaxing isn't the best choice of words.... but it was very enjoyable.
Claire fell asleep around 8:30pm, so mom put her to bed and went to bed also by 9:30pm.

September 20


Claire had a fun day. Her caregiver came over to watch her while her mom and dad went to a football game. she had a good day drinking 7oz while they were gone.
She also woke up to find her Uncle and Aunt were visiting from down south. It was fun for Claire to have them visit, as they don't get up here too often.

September 19


Claire had her 6 month appointment today. She weighed in at 7lbs and 2oz. She is 21 1/2 inches long too! Her family is so proud she reached the 7lb mark... mom was hoping she would be 7 1/2lbs, but at least that goal is in closer range now.
The Pediatrician shared a report from the audiologist about her hearing. Essentially, they want to test the left ear, as they didn't get to it (spent most of the appt trying to keep the electrodes on with the not-so-sticky tape).
Mom will schedule an appointment soon, but doesn't feel the hearing test is a priority... at least not after Claire's recent visit to the hospital.
The Neurologist also wants mom to schedule an appt for Claire very soon too.

September 18


Claire had a wonderful night -- Mom got up with her at 12midnight and was up with her until 2am. Claire had 3oz and went back to sleep. By 6am, she was up again and drank 4oz, had her meds and went back to sleep. At 11am, mom woke her and changed her clothes, she had been sweating in her sleep. She had another 3oz before daycare, and drank that relatively quickly.
Mom still has a newborn, and while that is easy on the back, it is still tiring to be feeding your baby every 4 hours.... and holding her head, as she still doesn't hold it up very well. Our EI suggests more tummy time, so they will work on that.

September 17


Claire was up at her usual time, midnight, only to stay up until 4:30am. Mom was exhausted by 3am, so she woke dad up and he took over so she could get some sleep. She had 4oz and finally decided to go back to sleep, and woke up at 7am. Just in time for bottle - 4oz, meds, diaper change and off to daycare as mom had an early meeting. She had 5oz at daycare and back home for another 4oz.
Claire had an EI (Early Intervetion) appointment today. As she was drinking her bottle, the EI noticed that she would grab at the bottle, as if to hold it, or to find mom's fingers to hold, so she put a toy in Claire's hand and the little miss held the toy for a long while... clutched it even, and meaningfully! Mom was so proud, they are going to work on that too. Claire threw up a tiny bit. Claire was laying on her back in mom's lap and chewing on her thumb... mom thinks Claire gagged on some saliva. It was maybe a tablespoon worth of milk that came out.
Mom gave her her meds at 9am and she threw up about 2oz. Mom thinks she gagged a bit on the sweetness of the meds and will have to watch that more closely... giving Claire only a tiny bit at a time and a bottle in between. It isn't like she gets much of a dose of anything anyway. But we can't afford to lose our dinner. Mom cleaned it all up, and it was time for Claire's bath anyway, so she had a nice warm bath, and cuddled with mom as she started a new bottle and drifted off with mom in the rocking chair. About 19oz today.

September 16
27 weeks


Claire had a wonderful night -- again... after mom rocked her to sleep at 9:00pm, she was up again at midnight for a 2oz feeding. Then, up again at 7am for a 4 oz feeding then back to sleep and then Mom woke her at 10am for another 4oz feeding. Mom is really hoping this is a routine that Claire will continue! At her daycare, she drank almost 5oz. When Claire got home, she had another 4oz and off to bed by 10pm after her meds. 19oz for the day!

September 15


Claire had a wonderful night... after she drifted off at 9:00pm, and up again at midnight for a 2oz feeding. Then, up again at 6am for a 4 oz feeding then back to sleep and then Mom woke her at 9am for another 3oz feeding. At her daycare she had almost 7oz. She is in such a good mood these days, feeling well, and seems to be gaining weight. She will find out on Friday if she has gained weight when she has her 6 month dr appt.
Claire had another 4oz when she got home, but threw up about 2-3 oz of it... mom fed her too much. She had a much needed bath, and then worked on another 2oz.
Claire had about 20oz today.

September 14


Claire went to church and got a special blessing from the priest who Christened her. It was also his birthday. Claire is sad that he is going to be reassigned, but she is starting to understand that these things happen.
She went out to lunch with the 'gang' and her cousin held her for a while in the restaurant. She loves her cousin! Later she had a nice 4oz feeding from her aunt and went to sleep for a well-needed nap as she was trying to keep her eyes open to watch the Tampa Bay Bucs game and the replay of the FSU game (Dad kept flipping the channels back and forth).
Later, everyone ate pizza and sat around in the evening, passing her around, playing with and feeding her. She finally drifted off around 9pm. She drank 17 oz today, including 4 oz of diluted fruit juice.

September 13


Claire was up early with her game face on... afterall, it was College Football Gameday!
She ate and slept most of the day, resting up for the big football games... and had big fun with the babysitters who watched her while Mom, Dad and Claire's brother went to the game. Claire did great and enjoyed all the attention once her sister went to bed. Her sitters said she was a very easy baby to care for... and lots of fun too! She ate really well and partied until mom got home after midnight. So much so, that she couldn't sleep a wink and decided to finally drift off to sleep around 4am, on dad's chest.
She had around 16 oz today.

September 12


Claire had a wonderful night... must have been all that partying... she drifted off at 10:30pm, and up again at 6am. Everyone was so happy and in good spirits today!
She woke up crying for food, and drank 3 1/2 oz.
Grandma, Grandpa and two of her aunts came rolling into town today for a football game. Claire loves when they visit, cause they give her so much attention and she has new faces to explore.
Claire went to bed at 3am... mom needs to work on that little girl, and make a few changes in her wild night-life!

September 11

6 month


Claire decided to stay awake until 3am this morning. Yes, mom was at her wits end wondering what was going on in that little head of hers. It wasn't that she was awake and looking around... no... she was fussing... even crying... sometimes very loud (well, loud for Claire).
Mom started by giving her some Motrin. Claire was chewing on her hands, drooling and her nose was runny... all things that happen every night at the same time -- thinking teeth here. Then, mom filled Claire's belly with formula.
After a couple of hours, she didn't calm down, so mom went for the Mylacon... for gas, and more formula. Another 15 minutes passes, still fussying.. mom thought 'constipation?'... so now came the juice/water... no luck, she was so full from her feeding a while ago... Mom thought about how she changed Claire's sheets earlier that day, and didn't put back her shirt... so mom took off her night gown and put it in the bassinet... that was good for about 15 minutes (long enough for mom to think she was brilliant, get into bed and think about sleep) until Claire started crying again.... this went on until about 2:30am and included lots of rocking and cuddling... until... finally, mom decided to go back to the drawing board...the formula, and cuddle with Claire in bed... Claire finally dosed off... around 3am, and mom put her back in her bassinet.
When she woke up, she drank 4oz in less than an hour... a new Claire Record!
Claire went to work with mom today, as Dad was busy selling houses, and she slept much of the time.
Hospice ladies came by to visit and have some tea, and a Hospice volunteer came by to bring Claire a birthday cake and gifts for the kids. On the cake was written, "Happy 1/2 Birthday Claire". Mom cut a birthday candle in 1/2 and put it on the cake for the big celebration! The cake was so incredibly moist and delicious! Thanks Jane!! Claire's uncle and aunt came by to celebrate her big day with a beautiful Christmas ornament!
Claire drank 15oz today.

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