Thank you everyone for your wonderful thoughts and prayers!
Claire's Journal -- Month 52
July 10   Mom woke up at 5am, and couldn't get back to sleep. Claire was snoozing just fine, but mom had a lot of things on her mind. By 6:30am mom was exhausted, but finally fell asleep, only to get up at 7am and suddenly find herself in a rush to get the kids ready and out the door. Dad worked on Big sis, who is usually the biggest cost in time in the mornings, but she was pretty fired up as she had a field trip today... lucky for dad.
July 9  

Claire slept through the night and when mom checked in on her this morning, she was completely turned around. Where her feet were, now was where her head was... she had some kind of dreams.
Today is Claire's big sister's birthday. The morning started with presents and then off to summer camp and daycare for the kids. Claire slept all morning and didn't wake up much for anything. Mom doesn't know if she needs to be concerned with Claire's grogginess, or see it as extra sleep needed for a growning girl.
Claire ate well at school and had her OT visit. She's getting really good at sitting by herself or sitting in someone's lap. Mom got her home, it was a very hot day. Claire sat in her stroller, just hanging out. Mom picked Claire up and the little peanut had the biggest grin... there wasn't a tooth that wasn't showing. Really melts a mama's heart, no matter what kind of day she's had, that Baire smile is so contagious.
Big sis decided she wanted a Happy Meal for her Birthday Dinner. Mom and dad had sandwiches. Neighbors came over for birthday cake and it was a nice evening sitting around the table eating cake and chatting. Claire was great about staying awake until just after her dinner, then meds and off to sleep. What a darling child.

July 8  

Claire had a nice morning, up for church and slept through the second half of mass, then during social time in the hall afterwards. She was awake much of the day.
In the evening, she went to sleep around 6 or 7pm and continued to sleep in her stroller until mom woke her around 10:30pm for meds and late dinner. It was all mom could do to feed that Peanut her mashed potatoes and applesauce (enhanced with calorie powder) and then change her diaper... and off back to sleep she was. She went right to sleep, no party this evening.

July 6  

blue eyesMom left for work this morning before Claire woke up. Dad is home with the kids today as none of them have camp or school this week. Mom made up a big tub of rice cereal, soy milk, yogurt, applesauce, duocal and a little vegie oil. She's hoping that will help dad out during to day so he won't have to think about what to throw in the food today. Tonight mom will whip up a batch of mashed potatoes and get Claire back on her super hi-carb diet again.

July 5  

Today the family heads back home from Grandparents. It is typically a long drive, but the motivation to pack up and get on the road eludes mom and dad, so they didn't get out of town until about 6pm. It was so nice relaxing all morning, big sis got in one last swim in the pool, etc.
The drive back wasn't too bad, hit some rain, and thought they'd hit one really bad storm, but evidently the storm had moved to the north as they breezed by it with only a little rain on the windshield before returning home... quite unheard of when traveling in the south in the summer in the afternoon. Mom was happy about that tho.

July 4  

What a fun day. Mom sat around with her family and played poker while the kids were still visiting dad's family with dad. Claire got a bath and sat with mom for a while until she fell asleep. Mom layed her down and, of course, she woke up and fought going back to sleep, but sleep won out as she lay in the 'bean bag' in front of the tv watching everyone. Later in the day, mom made big sis a birthday cookie for the celebration of the birthday later. Dad came home with the sibs in time for a swim and lunch. After playing in the pool, Claire got a new diaper and clothes change and back to snoozin' in the bag chair again. The kids continued to play in the pool until the hot dogs were ready and everyone sat down for a meal, then cookie, then presents. Then off to Claire's uncle's home to watch fireworks. He has a rooftop by the beach and it overlooks several cities' firework shows. The night was cool and so were Claire's little toes. It was like a cool pre-fall evening, and that was probably because there was rain off to the south, but none found at the near-beach house.

July 3  

Dad took the sibs down to South Florida to visit his family and mom stayed at Claire's grandparents with Claire. Mom and her mom and sister took Claire shopping. Later, mom and Claire had a nice time in the pool, under the umbrella that Gpa put over the steps, so mom could sit with Claire on her lap. Claire really enjoyed the pool, it was relatively warm and she especially enjoyed kicking the water.

July 1  

Mom's adorably sweet sister, with the help of Grandma, watched the kids while mom and dad went over to Port Canaveral for the night. They got a nice room overlooking the Cocoa Beach Pier, enjoyed dinner at one of the restaurants on the pier and walked around. It was Sunday, so no bands or crazy parties, just a very relaxed atmosphere. They bought drinks and sat on the balcony for a bit before retiring for the evening. A very fun anniversary - their 18th.

June 29  

After work, mom and dad loaded up the kids and were off to the Grandparents for the weekend and onto July 4 for festivities. Claire was big on putting her fingers in her mouth much of the time, and mom forgot her arm thingies, so mom had to hold her hands much of the ride.

June 27  

Claire missed PT today as her therapist was out of the office. When she misses private therapy, it really magifies how bad it is that she doesn't get any PT at her school over the summer... wait... she does get it once a month, and that is a result of mom ranting... to me this is all so very insane, the public school is suppose to provide PT, Claire needs it at least 3 times a week, and when she misses her private PT, she doesn't get any PT for 2 weeks. Mom works with her in the meanwhile, but mom isnt' a professional, and Claire needs more PT than mom can provide anyway. Mom has been noticing Claire keeping her legs bent and tho mom has been working on that, it would be nice if Claire had more of that throughout the day while at daycare.

June 26  

Claire is still having her late night parties in her bed. The feet are kicking and the happy sounds. Last night mom went in and checked on Claire before mom went to bed and the grins were just enormous. Mom couldn't resist a little tummy tickle and kiss on the head before leaving the 'fun' baby... hoping without the excitement of mom, that Claire would get to sleep... and hoping without the excitement of Claire, that mom would get some sleep.
Claire was up early talking to mom and so mom got her up early and fed her a half breakfast to hold her over until breakfast at school. The sibs needed to be at camp early as they had early field trips, so dad dropped them off before heading to the track as he's been doing in the morning for some jogging at a local high school.

June 20  

Claire had a really nice day at home with mom.
She slept in and got a late med, but she didn't care, of course. Mom was on the phone about her OT with her teacher. Evidently, they signed her up for OT on Wednesday at noon, but she doesn't go to school on Wednesdays - and she has PT at 12:30pm on Wednesdays. Mom noticed the schedule when Claire started back at school (about her second week back mom saw a schedule on the wall) and mentioned to her teacher that the day for OT was the day Claire wasn't at school and they decided they would see if it could be changed. Claire's teacher called today and said that Wed was the day the OT came to that school and it wasn't very likely she would even get OT unless she was able to come on Wed for her OT. After a few calls, mom and the OT talked and he was willing to look into another day for Claire's OT, so she wouldn't do without it. It would be a hardship for mom to get Claire to her school and then get her to her PT, which she pays for, and if got there late, she would still pay for the slot. She really appreciated the OT calling and trying to work something out, he seems very nice and wants what is best for the child. He even mentioned that he was a bit sad that Claire had missed so much already, and he'd missed her as well.
Claire had her PT today. She doesn't get it at her school, but mom thinks she may get it once a month, depending on the scheduling again, for sure. The session went great. She sat up, holding onto bars in front of her and onto a table in front of her. She seemed to like it and her collarbone didn't seem to be an issue at all.
When they got home, Claire was full of herself, probably just so proud from her session she wanted to tell someone, so they called Grandma and Grandpa and Claire gave them an earful. Gma said it sounded like she was really saying words... and to Claire, I'm sure they were real words... it was very enjoyable listening to her go on and on.

By the way, you may notice that the address of this website has changed. Check it out. ;o)

June 19  

Claire was up early but didn't make a peep, so mom got ready for work and went to get her out of her bed and she was just hanging out. Mom reached for her and Claire let out a big streeeeetch. She does that every morning and mom gives her a moment to stretch out the arms and legs... it is cute to watch.
Diapey change, meds and off to school, then mom dropping off big sis at daycamp and then mom off to school.

June 18  

A relatively fun day for Claire as she was off to school and her teacher from school was now at summer school! It was comforting for mom and Claire to have her there, she just knows Claire well, as do the other teachers, but the more who know her, the better.
After work and school, mom rushed to pick up the girls as they were all going to a 'healing mass' for a dear friend who has liver cancer and it has spread. Their family had gone to Boston, so they weren't at the mass, but Claire went to the mass with her family. She was a little loud before the mass started, but once it started she settled down and fell asleep in her daddy's arms.

June 17  

Father's day festivities got off to a nice start. Dad got to sleep in until about 9pm, and the children, including Claire as her older brother got her from her bed, paraded in with gifts, including one very fancy bird feeder. Sort of a cage of metal... squirrel proof. Afterwards, it was mass and then home. Everyone took naps. Dad watched golf on tv as he'd been doing much of the weekend. Mom teased Claire's big brother that there was a tie and it would be extended until Monday, oh the look on his face. He appeared to have seen enough golf for quite a while. It's always more fun to play than watch anyway.

    Claire and sibs
June 16  

Claire was up early and sounded hungry, so mom got up with her, fed her and put her back to bed. and mom went back to bed. Claire was up a bit later with the family, but fell asleep in her chaire, so dad put her back to bed, then she was awake in the afternoon and mom fed her. Claire was acting tired again, so mom put her to bed, but she wasn't sleepy, so she hung out with mom in the afternoon while mom cleaned the house.

June 14  

Orthoped dr called today and said that Claire can do whatever she was doing before the broken collar bone (hopefully not whatever she did that broke it of course). Just wants us to watch her and if she is uncomfortable, then of course, stop whatever it is, but for the most part, she should be in good shape.

June 13  

Claire had a nice morning. Mom was busy with work stuff, so Claire didn't get the attention she deserved, but she was fine with that as she is typically fine with anything. She ate a lot and slept alot. In mom's book, anytime you can do a lot of those two things, it is a banner day! Claire's appetite has certainly picked up lately and just after feeding her, her hand goes right back in her mouth as if it is time to eat. So mom tops her off. Guessing the little peanut needs more food in her bowl at mealtime. Typically, it is filled up and when she eats it all, the meal is considered over... maybe she just needs an added snack, or some duocal added to her meal to fill her up a little more.
She had PT today. Mom had left a message at the orthoped dr office to see what Claire's PT limitations were, but hadn't heard back, so the PT worked on leg strength and sitting. Claire did great, she sits so well now... still needed some assistance, but less than ever.